2018 A Dark and Stormy Night Medina Publishing
2016 Forthcoming Ngungha (long-short story)
2015-2016 In preparation A Dark and Stormy Night (novel)
2009 Uganda government recognises cultural Kingdom of Rwenzururu, following publication of Tribe: The Hidden History of the Mountain of the Moon (i.e. Rwenzururu)
2008 The Man Who Knew Everything*(revised version of Deadline) published Capuchin Classics
2007 The First Dog to be Somebody’s Best Friend published Stacey International
2004 Tribe launched in Uganda.

Thomas Brassey: The Greatest Railway Builder in the World published

Stacey International
2003 Tribe: The Hidden History of the Mountains of the Moon published Stacey International
1999 conceives and organizes Pilgrimage 2000 involving 3500 walking to Canterbury from Iona, Lindisfarne, St Michael’s Mount, Whitby, St David’s Head, Holywell, Walsingham, & St Paul’s Cathedral to greet the 3rd Millennium
publication in Confrontation New York literary journal of long-short stories The Tether of the FleshGolden RainGriefThe Same Old StoryThe Swap, Boredom Or, The Yellow TrousersMary’s Visit, The Kelpie from Rhum
1991 Decline (novel) published William Heinemann
1989 Bodies and Souls, Five Stories (long short-story collection) published William Heinemann
1988 Deadline*, and filmed (starring John Hurt and Imogen Stubbs) William Heinemann
1985 The Worm in the Rose (novel) published William Heinemann & US
1983 The Twelfth Night of Ramadan published under pseudonym (Kendal J Peel) William Heinemann & US
1982 founds The Offender’s Tag Association
1979 The Pandemonium (novel) published W H Allen
1977 Elected Fellow of The Royal Society of Literature
1976 The Living and the Dying (novel) published Macmillan
1974 Creates new imprint, concentrating in Mid-east. Flourishes.
Starts prison-visiting.
1973 Creates 20-vol Peoples of the Earth series. Published in 14 languages 1974-76 Tom Stacey Ltd/Mondadori
1972 Immigration and Enoch Powell published Tom Stacey Ltd
1970 Today’s World published Collins Educational
1970 Here Come the Tories published Tom Stacey Ltd
1968 Joins 3-man expedition making first ever white-water descent of upper reaches of Blue Nile.
Founds Correspondents World Wide. Enters book publishing with eponymous imprint.
1967 4th daughter born
1966 Fights Dover Parliamentary seat. Increases vote but defeated. Re-adopted. Resigns candidature in 1967 on finding public life conflicts with creative will.
Son born.
1965 Summons to Ruwenzori published Secker & Warburg
1965 Briefly imprisoned in India over Kashmir issue.
1964 Fights Parliamentary seat Hammersmith North for Conservatives. Defeated.
1963 Summoned by Prime Minister Obote of Uganda to settle rebellion of Bakonzo and associated tribes in Ruwenzori Mountains.
Qualified success. Writes Summons to Ruwenzori
1961 Received “Foreign Correspondent of the Year”- award
Covers wide gamut of international conflicts and crises – Congo, South-East Asia, Cuba, Brazil, Rhodesia, Mid-east, Soviet Central Asia, India-Pakistan wars; over 120 countries in all.
1960-7 Covers worldwide dismantling of British empire as chief foreign cosrrespondent for the Sunday Times, and also for Daily and Sunday Telegraph. Interviews major or notorious international figures (eg Nikita Khrushchev, Chiang Kai Shek, Indira Gandhi, Salvador Allende, Idi Amin)
1960 joins Sunday Times as roving correspondent.
The Brothers M (novel) is published to wide acclaim (followed by US and foreign editions)
Secker & Warburg
1958 resumes role as Daily Express roving correspondent
1956 rejoins Daily Express, as ‘fireman’ (special assignment foreign correspondent) covering Suez crisis, slave trade to Saudi Arabia, etc.
1955 moves to Montreal, Canada with young family.
Covers North America and Latin America. Begins drafting The Brothers M
1954 Awarded John Lluwellyn Rhys Prize for the Hostile Sun
1953 The Hostile Sun (novel) published. Gerald Duckworth
1952 (Jan) marries Caroline Clay
(summer) joins Picture Post as staff writer. First daughter born
1951 organizes Undergrad Tours for Festival of Britain visitors
Comes down from Oxford; joins Lilliput magazine as staff writer
1950 (Jan) spends army leave living with aborigines in Malayan jungle.
Drafts The Hostile Sun
(Oct) enters Worcester College, Oxford
1949 commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in Scot Guards
joins 2nd Battalion in jungle warfare campaign in Malaya
1948 becomes Captain of House. Co-edits Eton College Chronicle
(Oct) joins Scots Guards as a guardsman
1947 founds Wotton’s Society at Eton, covering philosophy. Wins Essay Prize
1943 enters Eton College. Becomes solo chorister
1940 family moves to Castle Fields, Stowe, Bucks
1939 Wellesley House evacuates to Loch Rannoch, Scottish Highlands
1938 enters Wellesley House private school, Broadstairs
1932 family moves to Paddington, London
1930 (Jan) born Manor House, Bletchingley, Surrey