The Man Who Knew Everything (Deadline)

Granville Jones is at the end of his life – ‘one of the greats of old-time Fleet Street’, once a famous world-roving correspondent, now self-exiled on an island Emirate in the Gulf, a forgotten man, eclipsed by rising stars of television journalism.

The book was first published as Deadline in 1988 by William Heinemann.


  1. atempler

    “Tom Stacey’s second novel is uncommonly confident about love and death. Published 16 years after his first, its maturing has been worth waiting for: the orderly writing, robust intelligence and honesty are steadily enlivening.”
    The Times

  2. atempler

    “One of the most haunting novels I have read for years.”
    — Jackie Wullschlager – Residents Abroad

  3. atempler

    “A near-forgotten masterpiece… one of the few books I’ve ever read that I finished in one sitting and then immediately had to read again”
    — John Gray – New Statesman (Book of the Year)

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