Of all my seasons this

Has been the longest and the sweetest summer

And it’s to stay for ever.

Sap in our green is bliss

Running through all our stems so wilfully

No season’s cold can sever

The wild exquisite flow.

You lie at my roots, I at yours,

Our green oak spanning

Where we lie loving low.


We came together, two springing streams, two dawns,

Two single visions scanning

Adjacent valleys that led –

How could we guess? – each to the same deep stream.

Oh what a sunny river

What a clear stream-bed

What green and secret banks and lazy bends,

Swift lights that quiver

Through leaves on our surfaces.


Your in unfathomable eyes and limbs

Are summer’s sap and stream

And all that by nature nurses,

By love, life back into life where life

Had all but ceased to gleam.