Immigration and Enoch Powell

Tom Stacey Ltd
Year: 1970 Pages: 208 Hardback ISBN: 854680136 ISBN-13: 9780854680139

Immigration is the most controversial subject in Britain. In the view of some thinking people it is also the most important, in the long term. Past and present misjudgements, lack of courage or of realism on immigration can undermine all our hopes and plans for Britain.

Even if all immigration were halted at once today, it seems inescapable that the coloured population in Britain by the end of the century will amount to the same proportion, more or less, as the present coloured population in the U.S. That means six or seven million coloured people, the great majority living in massive “ghettos” in the city centres, out of a total population of sixty or seventy million. The consequences of this situation are immense, awesome, and unprecedented for this country.

This is the first ever full attempt to discuss seriously and at length the prospect that faces this country. Tom Stacey draws on twenty years of international reporting from which to draw his conclusions and issue his warning. His own assessment leads to a defence of Enoch Powell, the full text of whose speeches on immigration are collected and published here for the first time. These speeches contain by far the fullest analysis of the facts of immigration in Britain and surely demonstrate to sober and objective minds the invaluable service Mr. Powell has given in focussing attention on this vital subject that others have chosen to shirk.

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