The Worm in the Rose

William Heinemann Ltd
Year: 1985 Paperback ISBN: 812883039 ISBN-13: 9780812883039 ASIN: B004HJENCQ

When the heir to a remote sheikhdom in the Gulf is killed in a shooting accident on the estate of his former school-friend the politician Timothy Lunt, ex-Fleet Street foreign correspondent Anthony Guise is sucked into a corrupt world of blackmail, betrayal and intrigue — and the ambitions of a group of slick Western expats. His self-appointed assignment takes him from the Welsh hills to the parched Arabian hinterland, into murky power politics and the dark places of the human heart.

‘Tom Stacey… has beaten Graham Greene on his own turf… The Worm in the Rose is a singularly exciting, disturbing, compelling novel. It is one of those books that you delight in savouring as long as you can.’
Cynthia Grenier – The Washington Times

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