TRIBE: The Hidden History of the Mountains of the Moon

TRIBE is a unique written record of the hidden history of an astonishing region and its people. Stacey has lived in thrall to another culture. He learned the Bakonzo tribe's language, delved their customs, and made the colobus skin the raiment of leadership. They called him musabuli (rescuer or redeemer). The way of life he first describes changes as the narrative unfolds over the author's 50-year involvement. This major work is an exceptional piece of travel literature, and an 'autobiography' of a people to whom the author belongs as an honoured mzee, or elder. It is an indelible portrayal of a disappearing world.

TRIBE is not simply a tale about a people tucked away in almost inaccessible African mountains totally removed from our world. For man in our increasingly mobile world is also losing his roots, his identity and the glimpse of grandeur. There is a sharing of tragedy here.”
– W F Deedes, Daily Telegraph

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Thistle Publishing, 2017, Paperback, ISBN 1910670502, Travel

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